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On Abundance

The question is often asked – why talk about abundance to people who are poor? Give them some rice and sambar, some roti and daal  and that will be enough. Give them some basic education, a job that will pay for their food and clothing and that will be enough. Abundance is not a word one commonly associates with the poor. Or with other people’s efforts to feed, clothe and educate them.

What is Abundance ?

But first, what is this philosophy of abundance? Abundance is a state of mind – a feeling of plenty, a sense of generosity of nature. It is when you think that whatever you wish for is out there, available for you in plenty, when you deal with life with a sense of largesse.

So, as I said, one does not associate the word abundance with the poor. But need it really be so? The riches of the world are for all to receive. Doesn’t the tree give of its fruit to all? Does the jasmine flower withhold its scent from some? Are the poor worthy of naught but the barest essentials ? I am reminded of a hostel, a students’ home for orphaned and poor children set up by the Ramakrishna Mission in Mylapore, Chennai. A building with large rooms, high ceilings, airy and inviting. It is called “A palace for the poor”. And why not ? Can the poor too not aspire for palaces?

Change the way we think

Just because you say me poor, you see me poor, am I always to be poor? Don’t our wise exhort us: you can turn change the world, you can conquer the stars, you can be anything you want to be, you have all the strength in the world ?

So, not for you or me this scrimping and saving. We have to go about our work with a sense of abundance in our hearts – in love, in strength, in giving, in opportunity and in laughter. And work with great will and honest effort. It is then that we can change ourselves and bring about changes in the world. It does not matter what makes us believe in this –  religious faith, sayings of the wise, observations in quantum mechanics, or such modern day theories as the Law of Attraction. If we believe the world will one day be ours even as we sweep floors today, then the world will be ours. One day.

So go ahead. Give life your best. And the abundant universe will provide.


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